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Anamorphic Disproportioning
More beach
Remove hair
DICHRO-OPTICS Fiber-Optic Scanning History
Merge Drawing into photo
Add Type
Early failure. It took 2 years work to solve this problem of the white lines
Merge day into night
On the left the final computer retouching system, made by De-Vere, patented in many countries by Kodak. Brian Oxley & I built the computer. Due to a big recession in the early 1990’s Gilchrist Studio went bust and De-Vere was going through a bad time. The project eventually ran out of money which was a shame. Even to this day it is still the fastest computer retouching system. Richard Burch inventor.
De-Vere’s first test computer
The computer outputted to 40,000 lines per mm onto 14x11 transparency or neg film!